Press & Glow



Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic

Experience the power of next generation exfoliating poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) with Press & Glow; the hydrating acid toner that helps to exfoliate the surface of the complexion for noticeable everyday glow.

Up to 2 months' supply from 1 bottle when used twice a day (2 weeks supply from a travel size).

Note: Visual may differ slightly to packaging received.

Press & Glow works in tune with Medik8 vitamin A so you can boost your results without sensitising the skin. Visibly radiant skin has never been easier.
Press & Glow is clinically proven to deliver glowing skin in just 2 weeks.*
PHA Gluconolactone, Prickly Pear Extract, Aloe Vera, Acai Extract
  • Key Benefits: 
    • Glowing Skin Made Easy

      Press & Glow is clinically proven to improve skin glow by 20% in just 4 weeks.*

    • Gentle Toner for All Skin Types

      This everyday, twice a day exfoliating acid toner is the perfect addition to any skincare routine. 96% of sensitive skins found that Press & Glow was gentle on the skin, with no stinging sensations** that are common with acid toners.

    • Smooth & Even

      Over time, Press & Glow helps to create a perfected skin surface that has a visibly more even tone.

    • Perfect Product Pair

      The hydrating toner was designed to work in perfect harmony with vitamin A (retinol or retinal products). We recommend Crystal Retinal as Press & Glow's perfect partner, for visibly glowy, smoother, more youthful looking skin.

  • How To Use: 

    Unlock by twisting the top half of the pump anti-clockwise until it clicks to activate. 

    1. After cleansing in the morning and evening, hold a facial pad (reusable is best) firmly over Press & Glow and push down 3-4 times.

    2. Sweep the pad over the complexion, avoiding the delicate eye area.

    3. Twist the pump clockwise until it clicks to secure.

    4. For Press & Glow Refill, transfer the pump saved from your previous Press & Glow bottle onto the Press & Glow Refill.

      Patch testing prior to use is advised. Refer to for an in-depth guide to patch testing.

    5. Interested in routines & layering?

      Press & Glow features in many of our carefully curated regime guides, including our Beautiful Skin Everyday regime. Click the link for additional product recommendations and easy-to-follow layering advice.