Decléor Firming Proline Prolagene Gel


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A multi-tasking gel to rescue damaged skin by toning, firming, repairing and revitalising

This product used to be called 'Aroma Solutions Prolagene Gel.' 

Note: French name on pack.

Size: 200ML

A complete body treatment to smooth skin imperfections - both natural and accidental - and an iconic hero in the DECLÉOR range.

Prolagène Gel supplies the deep tissue with the active ingredients necessary for the reconstruction of its natural collagen. The gel has a visibly firming effect that builds up with regular use to smooth skin imperfections. Acting on the whole of the skin's structure it helps speed up cell renewal to improve the look of stretch marks and scarring in addition to loose skin.

Prolagène Gel contains an amino acid called Proline L., which is similar to plant collagen and helps re-build the skin's supporting fibres. The formulation also includes Osmanthus Absolute for its potent healing action. Toning as well as firming, the gel leaves an invisible supportive and protective film making it perfect to use during and after weight loss, particularly during pregnancy, for smoother and firmer skin.

This exclusive DECLÉOR formula:

  • Helps revitalise the support structure of the skin.
  • Helps accelerate the skin's renewal process.
  • Helps diminish unsightly marks. Day after day, your skin renews itself with increased tone and firmness.
  • Prolagène Gel is not just an emergency skin "fix"; it also works in perfect harmony with the skin to tone and firm the entire body.

Suitable for all skin types.

Here's what some of our customers have to say:

"It is so versatile and always improves the texture of my skin and makes it feel much firmer. It is a miracle product!"

"Absolutely love Prolagène Gel, such a multi-tasker. It firms and tightens, works on fine lines and helps my scarring. Fave product!"

"I love Prolagène Gel because it helps give women back their body confidence. Amazing product - Outstanding results."


  1. In the morning and evening, apply to the affected areas of the face and body, after the appropriate Aromessence serum.
  2. Use a cream after application.


Run out of after-sun? No problem, use Prolagene Gel to help soothe skin after sun exposure.