Exfoliation & Message from Decleor

Exfoliation: Full Body Exfoliation

Treatment time 45 minutes                        £40.00

A full body exfoliation with a special saffron and herbal balm. This energising exfoliation magically removes dead skin cells leaving the body smooth and invigorated.

Full body Massage

Treatment time 1 hour 15 minutes          £55.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder

Treatment time 30 minutes                        £30.00

Red Island Exfoliating Ritual Massage and exfoliation combined in an exotic body treatment Duration 1 hour 30 minutes                  £58.00

Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices are used to polish and perfect skin leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils then allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over.

Decleor MUM 2 BE Safe and nurturing pregnancy ritual, suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks Duration 1 hour 15 minutes                          £55.00

Relax while your highly trained therapist safely and gently treats your tummy, legs and face to a truly nurturing experience that helps reduce the risk of stretch marks, relieves ‘heavy’ legs and brightens skin.

Only For Men:

Intensive Energising Face Treatment

Kick-starts tired skin and minimises irritations.

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes                       £50.00

Over-worked and skin showing the strain? This fatigue fighting, anti-ageing treatment also targets and treats shaving bumps and irritation. An invigorating and hydrating pure energy mask made from Oak and Green Clay decongests deep down to re-energise skin. Combined with stress releasing massage techniques and AROMESSENCE™ HOMME Super serum with active Clove Oil, skin is left relaxed, smooth and healthy looking – reduced beard growth is a bonus!

Men’s Deep Tissue Back And Shoulder Massage The ultimate stress-buster

Duration 30 minutes                                     £30.00

Feeling the pressure? Whether you’ve been overdoing it at work or the gym, this highly targeted treatment focuses solely on releasing tension in the back and shoulders. Intensely de-stressing, your therapist customises the level of pressure in a powerful deep tissue massage to break down and disperse all aches and pains caused by tight muscles. Pure Pepper and Cypress Essential Oils aid the potency of the tension busting massage, whilst actively revitalising mind and body… just watch stress levels return to normal.

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